The Chronicles of Lennox

Book I: In Search Of The Overseer

A beautiful Federation Enforcer desired by two men… and hunted by a monster

When a young girl sees her beloved father murdered before her eyes by a nightmarish monster, she resolves to follow in his footsteps, fighting evil across the galaxies. She finds herself on an odyssey, torn between her feelings for two very different men. And all the while, she is hunted by the monster who creeps ever closer. Who will she choose as her consort? And who will win…the Enforcer or The Overseer?

The Chronicles of Lennox

Book II: The Overseer – Deception

A Sector ruler with everything to lose, psychologically tormented by a relentless and familiar foe…

As life attempts to resume after the death of his beloved wife Lennox, Gat’lin Ruler of the Barauk’nau’te Sector and Prime House attempts to find his way through a future that seems bleak without her. He soon finds his self facing an enemy that is relentless and merciless in its attack, using every weakness that he thought had died with her on the sands of Prime House. Is this physical and psychological battle worth entering?  And will Gat’lin decide if this war waged long ago is even worth the fight?

Final In Search of the Overseer - 3D The Overseer - Deception Book 2 - 3D