Final In Search of the Overseer - 3D The Overseer - Deception Book 2 - 3D A beautiful Federation Enforcer desired by two men… and hunted by a monster

Lennox Red Wolefi’saunti always knew what she would be when she grew up–an officer of the Federation InterUniversal Galaxy Sector 1, a peacekeeper an Enforcer. And so far, she has not only followed in her beloved father’s footsteps, she has surpassed him. She’s now the one they call to solve the unsolvable crimes, a decorated officer with numerous criminal bounties on her head.

Her partner Jax has her back–and if her AI companion would back off, he’d like to have a lot more. Somehow Jax always finds himself at arms-length from the woman he loves. But when Lennox is kidnapped by Gat’lin, and brain-washed into believing she is his, Jax must use every weapon he has to fight for her.

Gat’lin of Prime House, Ruler of the Barauk’nau’te Sector, wants Lennox with every fiber of his being. He knows she is the one female for him. If only he can keep her safe at his side. For something, or someone is hunting her. Something that wants death and destruction at any cost. He and Jax must find a way to work together if they are to keep her safe… from The Overseer.

A Sector ruler with everything to lose, psychologically tormented by a relentless and familiar foe…

Gat’lin, Ruler of the Barauk’nau’te Sector and Prime House never expected to find a woman that would be his match in every way, let alone marry her, only to lose her to death. The cruelty and pain of not being able to share life with Lennox, is made that much worse as her final resting place has been savagely destroyed and her body removed, leaving in her place the brutally twisted and bloodied remains of his Healers stuffed within her sarcophagus.

It is now up to him and the people she left behind to travel to one of the holiest sectors and discover why anyone would commit the intergalactic crime of murdering Healers and taking a dead woman’s body– it doesn’t take long in their intergalactic hunt for answers to discover that a familiar and vicious foe is being relentless and merciless in its attack, using every weakness that Gat’lin thought had died with his wife on the sands of Prime House. It is when he discovers the weapons of his enemy that he realizes how much more he has to lose should he fail, or how much he has to gain… should the battle turn in his favor.


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